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Aït Bouali rug #02

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Aït Bouali rug #03


Aït Bouali rug #04

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Aït Bouali rug #05


Aït Bouali rug #07


Aït Bouali rug #08


Aït Bouali rug #09


Azrou rug #01


Azrou rug #02


Berber rugs and carpets

Our Berber rugs originate from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. The high piled woolen rugs are also known as Beni Ouarain rugs, Azilal rugs or M’rirt rugs. These names refer to the region where the rugs originate from. The basic colour ivory with a graffic pattern is typical for them.

Our YKON rugs and carpets are newly made. Hand-knotted from wool with locally sourced sheep wool by one of the Berber women’s cooperatives we partner with. The processing of the wool happens completely manually, just like the weaving and knotting. We keep the fibres of the wool as natural as possible. This means that we do not use any chemicals to whiten or dye the wool. The untreated wool is cleaned directly in the river, to keep water use as low as possible. Each rug takes about 1,5 month to be made.

By using qualitative wool, a good knotting technique and timeless designs, you are assured of a sustainable purchase.”