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Beldi rug

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Beldi runner


Beldi floor cushion


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Beldi collection

Beldi is a Moroccan word meaning traditional, rural and natural. It conveys the sense of purity and authenticity that we aimed for with this collection. It’s meant to add warmth, comfort and softness to your favourite places.

Our products are handcrafted by women’s cooperatives in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. Therefor they use locally sourced sheep wool. We dye the wool ourselves by hand with natural and organic materials as walnut, camomile, madder and henna. The cushions are finished in a confection workshop in Sidi Bernoussi and transported to Belgium by road.

  • Locally sourced fibres
  • 100% sheep wool
  • No bleach
  • Hand spun
  • Plant dyed

Are you looking for a custom made rug or cushion? Feel free to contact us.