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At the start of YKON interiors, we knew one thing for sure: we wanted to bring the makers of carpets into direct contact with the consumer. So that we can be sure that they get a fair price for their work. But also because only then do we know what impact and ecological footprint the production of these products has. This pursuit led to an enormous amount of travel through the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. We looked for families and women’s cooperatives with whom we could work together. We then spent months with them to really understand their work and habits.

Kirsten en Fadmaa


In 2018 we founded YKON interiors out of a love for interior design, handmade natural products and traveling through Morocco. We meet in 2012 in M’hammid on the edge of the Sahara. Five years later, Younes emigrated to Belgium. We both find a warm and pleasant home important, furnished with pure natural materials and objects that tell a story. We also strive for that feeling with our collections. With which we bring one of Morocco’s traditional crafts, the weaving and knotting of woolen fabrics, into your interior. We tell you which handicraft was involved and who made your product.


Our studio is located in the mountains of the High Atlas, a 5 hour drive from Marrakech. This is where we store our wool. We buy our wool from local shepherds on a yearly basis. The place smells a bit of sheep and dried plants since we also dye the wool there. Just a few meters away you can find a valley full of plants and with water flowing. The women that are part of the cooperative can collect their wool and store their rugs in our studio.

Younes oprichter YKON interiors
Halima met handgesponnen wol