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When starting YKON interiors, we knew one thing for sure: we wanted to sell products directly from the maker to the consumer. To make sure the women behind the rugs get a fair and honest price for the product. But also to know for certain what the impact and ecological footprint is when making these products.

Vrouwencooperatie v2

100% Handmade

Our rugs are entirely handmade by Berber women. In the High Atlas women earn a living by working on the field or making rugs. They prefer the latter. Often they have a loom placed in their living area. This allows them to organise their own time as well as stay with their children.

Due to the poor infrastructure, it is difficult to obtain materials and to sell the products made afterwards. Because of this, the women often need to depend on middle men with usually questionable reputations. Additionally, financial pressure forces the women to work at a high pace and with low quality materials.

Traditionally, the women work with local materials and natural dyeing processes. And they take their time to spin and process the wool. It is a custom that when a woman moves in with her husband, she makes him a rug. This is her way of showing him the qualities she possesses. Making rugs with the dedication and love these women show, is something we definitely want to continue stimulating.

Each purchase has a positive impact on the lives of the women and on the community which they are part of. Purely by keeping traditions alive and earning a fair income for their work.


Our studio is located in the mountains of the High Atlas, a 5 hour drive from Marrakech. This is where we store our wool. We buy our wool from local shepherds on a yearly basis. The place smells a bit of sheep and dried plants since we also dye the wool there. Just a few meters away you can find a valley full of plants and with water flowing. The women that are part of the cooperative can collect their wool and store their rugs in our studio.

Halima met handgesponnen wol