A decorators dream at Riad Jardin Secret

Every now and then you come across them, those places where you immediately feel at home. Riad Jardin Secret is such a place. Whether it’s Yusuf’s warm smile in the doorway. Or the wonderful smell that greets you in the hall. From the first minute you feel you want to be there. We take a seat in a seating area with soft yellow cushions and are served an ice tea with nuts and dried fruit. The lush green inner garden exudes tranquility and integrates at the same time. What’s on the other side of all that greenery?

We cannot sit still for long. There is something to discover in every corner. Richly illustrated books about Morocco, a work table full of dried flowers, an easel with a painting in the making, a chessboard with pieces cut from natural stone and works of art by artists who stayed here in residence. The sheer amount of detail in the architecture makes you feel insignificant. The Riad tells a story, but in such a way that it invites you to be a part of it.

We received an upgrade and slept in the junior suite with a fireplace and a spacious bathroom. Equipped with beautiful tadelakt and care products from The Moroccans. Other things that gave us even more smiles:

  • There is free parking, very special in the Medina
  • You will receive a phone with which you can call the Riad at any time when you are outside the door
  • Here they understand that you may not want to have breakfast yet if your travel companion is still asleep, but would already like a cup of coffee
  • The breakfast is very extensive and delicious
  • Everyone who works here is friendly and hospitable
  • The dedication with which this Moroccan heritage is maintained

Riad Jardin Secret has 7 rooms and is located in the medina of Marrakech. The prices vary from 135 to 235 euros per night.