Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is situated 20 kilometres North of Agadir. As the name suggests, a true paradise.. think a valley filled with palmtrees and natural swimming pools.

Six years ago we’ve visited this place for the first time, travelling by taxi from Agadir (approximately a 45 minute drive). After getting off, the van quickly disappeared out of our sight. And so was our tent, still securely attached to the van’s roof. Oops. We decided to walk into the valley anyway to check out if we could stay for a night. Normally it’s not that difficult to find a place for sleeping in Morocco. And once again, we found a true gem by accident. Rashid, owner of one of the cafés in Paradise Valley, let us stay over in his cabin. These days turned quickly into the most wonderful days of our trip. Waking up between date trees, a small river rippling in front of us and situated far enough from the crowds of tourists visiting the valley. No electricity, no toilet or shower, a ground oven to bake bread and a small gas burner voor cooking.

This year we planned to re-visit this special place. Not knowing if Rashid and his cabin were still there. Fortunately nothing had changed. Again we were welcomed with great hospitality. The one thing that catched our attention though, was the enormous drought in this area. It has been a hot and dry winter for Morocco and its consequences manifest here clearly. As this keeps on going there won’t be much paradise in a few years. But for now, we strongly advise to visit this beautiful place!

Are you interested to camp in Paradise Valley or stay in Rashid’s cabin? Send us an e-mail and we will put you in touch.