La Canisse, a hidden gem

A 45-minute drive from Marrakech you’ll find Oumnass. A small village where you experience the daily Moroccan life in the countryside. It’s also the place where you find La Canisse. A small stay that we found through Airbnb.

It takes some searching through the dusty streets, where you regularly wonder whether you have understood the directions correctly. But eventually a large gate appears in sight. There we meet the Mathilde, owner of La Canisse. As soon as we get out of the car, we look down on a green courtyard. On either side of that garden is a traditional mud house, as can be found in many Moroccan villages. In between we spot a courtyard, covered with a thatched roof and grape leaves.

We immediately relax in the serene environment. It’s one of those places that make you feel good immediately. The dusty streets outside the gate suddenly seem very far away. We only hear the chirping of birds and the waving of palm leaves. This place, situated in the middle of all green, provides the peace and privacy to quickly forget what is happening outside.

Mathilde tells us about a local organic farmer, where we can order vegetables and fruit. There is also a cooperative nearby that makes goat cheese. With these we prepare a delicious meal in the spacious and well-equipped kitchen. A plus for us when traveling, being able to make your own meal every now and then. If you are more into going out for lunch or dinner: it is also possible to book a table at the Berberlodge.

La Canisse is one of those perfect – well hidden – stays that we would like to share with you. We paid 80 euros per night for the house with 3 bedrooms (for 4 people), where we paid 220 euros the night before in the Berberlodge for a 2-person room.