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Why we dye with plants

Our fascinating journey through natural colors and painting methods started in Aït Bouali, a small village in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. With the advent of synthetic dyes, many old dyeing techniques have been forgotten. One of those techniques is dyeing with natural dyes.

La Canisse, a hidden gem

Oumnass is a 45-minute drive from Marrakech. A small village where you experience the daily Moroccan life in the countryside. There you will find La Canisse, a hidden gem in the middle of the green.

A decorators dream at Riad Jardin Secret

Every now and then you come across them: those places where you immediately feel at home. Riad Jardin Secret is such a place. Whether it’s Yusuf’s warm smile in the doorway. Or the wonderful smell that greets you in the hall. From the first minute you feel it, ‘I want to be here’.

Cosy weekend getaway

Imagine the sound of rustling leaves and the smell of campfire and wood. Birds that land on a branch right in front of the window and a squirrel that finds its way up that same tree. A weekend in the cosy cabins of Nutchel brings you back to a simpler way of life for a while.

Spring Gathering

This event is now over, but we are already thinking about the next edition! This gathering was all about spring, so we chose #greenterior as the theme. With lots of rattan furniture, beautiful woolen textiles, greenery and a series of botanical artworks.