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Our products are made of natural materials such as wool of locally bred sheep. The wool is naturally dyed by using plants, roots, leaves and minerals. On this page, you will find more information on how to extend the life of our products.

What can you do?

Wool is a naturally dirt-repellent material. And with good maintenance it will even last longer. That is why we recommend to vacuum our rugs at least once every two weeks. Be sure to vacuum in the same direction as the knots. For plaids and cushions a once over with a rug whip every so often will do the trick.

Professional cleaning

Don’t wash your rug yourself, rather take it to the dry cleaner. Or to a company that specialises in rug cleaning. Plaids and cushions can be washed by hand with an organic wool detergent. Do not wring them out but let them dry lying flat.

Be careful with (too much) sunlight

Products with coloured wool can fade when lying in direct sunlight. That doesn’t mean natural dying is less light stable than dying with synthetic fabrics. Unfortunately sunlight fades, it is as simple as that.

Beware of room sprays

Some room sprays are sticky. That is why we recommend that you don’t spray on top of a woollen product. It would make the fibre go sticky resulting in dirt adhering to the wool more quickly.

Wool is a naturally sustainable material. Prolong the life of your unique piece by taking good care.