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Where the story begins

The story of our products starts in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains. Knotting and weaving woolen rugs and cushions is a craft that is passed on from mother to daughter in these areas. Traditionally they use wool from their own sheep, and local plants and minerals for coloring the wool. Thereafter, the wool is hand-spun into yarn. Using these traditional techniques, it takes up to 6 weeks to make a medium sized rug . We want to encourage this dedication. That is why we work entirely through these traditional processes.

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100% natural

The wool is dyed with plants, flowers, roots and minerals. And always by our own hands. The tones obtained from natural dyes are never completely uniform. But definitely chemical free.

Support women

Your new item is made by women’s cooperatives in the Atlas Mountains. We sell directly from women’s cooperatives to you. By skipping middle men, we realise a better income for the women and affordable products for you.

Local fibres

A collection made with 100% raw sheep’s wool, a naturally sustainable material. Sourced from local herds that live in Morocco’s higher altitude areas. The clean fibres are hand-spun with a spindle into yarn.

YKON interiors is rooted in Morocco’s overwhelming High Atlas. Known as ‘Idraren Draren’, mountains of mountains, by the local Berber community. Surrounded and inspired by this beautiful landscape, we think carefully about the impact of our activities. Taking care of our surroundings and partners always comes first.

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Background stories on our (business) journey, processes, partners and collection

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