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40 y/o. born in Casablanca, Morocco and moved to Belgium in 2017. spent his holidays travelling through Morocco with a sleeping mat and backpack. met Kirsten during one of his trips, right above the Sahara. studies woodworking. plays the guitar and listens blues most of the time. has been interested in the crafts of his homeland for years and wants to preserve this cultural heritage.



34 y/o. born in the Netherlands and moved to Antwerp, Belgium 10 years ago. has been passionate about interior design since early age. fell in love with Morocco in 2004 and met Younes there 10 years later. loves cooking and throwing dinner parties. has a ton of books. recharges in nature during forest walks. creates interiors that feel welcoming and warm, with a mix of natural materials.


Our story

YKON interiors has been founded by Younes Nabil and Kirsten Oerlemans in 2018. We met each other in the desert village M’hammid in the South of Morocco. Younes from Casablanca and Kirsten from Antwerp. The following years we travelled together through the different regions of Morocco. During these journeys we have met some incredible people. They showed us their variety in habits and traditions and we discovered their regional products and craftmanship.

YKON stands for an encounter between two cultures. YKON also has the meaning ‘icon’ and these icons are the base of traditional Berber designs of rugs and textile. For example, the diamond pattern is the symbol of the protector of the Evil Eye.

With YKON we want to be an inspiration source regarding interior design, travelling, food and traditions. We are passionate about connecting people and fair products. Therefor it is our wish to bring a collection of craftmanship of these Berber women to you. Naturally woven rugs, plaids, cushions, baskets and bags. All handmade and of high qualitative sustainable materials such as sheep’s wool and cotton. Last but not least, we tell you about the people and processes behind them. To truly understand what goes into your purchase. We hope you will fall in love just like we did.

Beslema, Kirsten & Younes

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100% natural

The wool is dyed with plants, flowers, roots and minerals. And always by our own hands. The tones obtained from natural dyes are never completely uniform. But definitely chemical free.

Support women

Your new item is made by women’s cooperatives in the Atlas Mountains. We sell directly from women’s cooperatives to you. By skipping middle men, we realise a better income for the women and affordable products for you.

Local fibres

A collection made with 100% raw sheep’s wool, a naturally sustainable material. Sourced from local herds that live in Morocco’s higher altitude areas. The clean fibres are hand-spun with a spindle into yarn.

YKON interiors is rooted in Morocco's overwhelming High Atlas. Known as 'Idraren Draren', mountains of mountains, by local Berbers. Surrounded and inspired by this beautiful landscape, we think carefully about the impact of our activities. Taking care of our surroundings and partners always comes first.

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Background stories on our (business) journey, processes, partners and collection.