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— At YKON interiors we believe that interiors are for living in, for keeping, and should tell you a story. We design our rugs and cushions with that in mind. Each single item is a celebration of the aesthetic, traditions and the durable. To make any place feel like home.


Choose the perfect size

Are you looking for a rug that fits perfectly in your interior?
We mainly work to order. In this way we prevent unnecessary production and transport and make the luxury of a tailor-made rug a more accessible option.

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Rugs and cushions from YKON interiors are made of 100% wool. Sourced from local herds that live in Morocco’s higher altitude areas. The wool for our products is plantdyed wherever possible.


Your new item is made by women’s cooperatives on traditional looms. We sell directly from the women’s cooperatives to you and like to tell you exactly how, where and by whom your new item is made.


Our designs are timeless and meant to last at least a lifetime. Because the wool fibers become more and more intertwined over time, every item becomes more beautiful and softer the longer you use it.

YKON interiors is rooted in the overwhelming High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Known as ‘Idraren Draren’, mountains of mountains, by the local Berber community. Surrounded and inspired by this beautiful landscape, we think carefully about the impact of our activities.